“Remember to wear a comfortable bra”

Y and I are getting married tomorrow. I’ve prepared this little story for you and will publish a few photos of our wedding pictures shoot tomorrow. Enjoy! On the evening before the day that we had our wedding pictures taken, my MIL-to-be sends me a message: “Dear R, since you’re going to take pictures tomorrow, […]

“I’d like to find my son a foreign wife”

One day in March 2013 my fiancé and I go to the hospital to see a Chinese doctor. We sit down to tell her my ailments and while she feels my pulse my fiancé starts chatting with her. Y: “Are you from Henan? The way you speak sounds like Henan-dialect.” Doctor: “I am. I have […]

“Do you speak foreignish?”

I’m at the supermarket. A little girl who’s probably not older than 5 is playing with the cup you usually use for putting rice into a plastic bag. I ask her: “Can I borrow this for a moment?” She says: “Sure.” And then, after looking into my face: “Wow. Are you a foreigner?” I: “I […]