“Promise me to be happy”

Illustration by Ruth Silbermayr-Song

Illustration by Ruth Silbermayr-Song

Y and I pick up my two wedding dresses the other day. Before we leave the shop, the tailoress says:

“Promise me to be happy. If you find out that the dresses are too tight before flying back to Austria for the wedding, you can call me and I’ll change them once again. Or if there’s anything else – no matter what, just call me.”
She looks at Y and then at me again, and continues: “Also, if he doesn’t treat you well, call me.”
And then, addressing both me and my fiancè who’s protesting her implying that he might not treat me well: “Our customers often call me to tell me all kinds of stories. Just like friends, no matter if the events are positive or negative, feel free to call me anytime.”
While she accompanies us to the elevator, she tells us: “My husband and I have been married for over 20 years. Each anniversary he takes me somewhere special, sometimes we travel somewhere or sometimes we just have a nice dinner at a restaurant. We’re very happy with each other. I wish you two happiness too.”

The elevator arrives, and with a smile we say good-bye to the tailoress who helped me find my gorgeous wedding dresses.

Has anyone ever wished you happiness?

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