Guest posts on other blogs

Apartment Hunting in Shenzhen: A guest post on Behind the Story featuring a story of how my husband and I look for an apartment. Our first try isn’t very lucky, because the property agents set us up. But some things don’t work out because something better will come your way, as my husband says.

Yin-Yang: On Love, Fighting and Finding Harmony in a Chinese-Western Marriage: A guest post on Speaking of China about my own experience of fighting in a cross-cultural relationship.

Falling in love with contemporary Chinese music – How to: I’m a fervent music lover but when I first stayed in China’s city of spring Kunming for an exchange year I wondered if I would ever find Chinese music I could fall in love with.

How to choose a place to live with your Chinese partner: Ever wondered where you should live with your Chinese spouse? You’re not the only one. In this guest post I reveal what considerations you should take into account and what decision I and my husband have made.

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