“Remember to wear a comfortable bra”

wedding shootY and I are getting married tomorrow. I’ve prepared this little story for you and will publish a few photos of our wedding pictures shoot tomorrow. Enjoy!

On the evening before the day that we had our wedding pictures taken, my MIL-to-be sends me a message:

“Dear R, since you’re going to take pictures tomorrow, I hope that you can rest early today. Remember to wear a comfortable bra and to rest if you feel tired tomorrow while taking pictures. Also, take care of your bags and belongings. You two are made for each other, we hope that you can show your happiness and let them take pictures of this most beautiful time of your youth. Wishing you two good luck, auntie”

Note on the side: Wedding pictures in China are often taken before the actual wedding. You’ll borrow a few wedding dresses and choose a few locations for the photo shoot that might include out-door settings like the beach, mountains or parks with flowers and in-door settings that often mimic European-style or Chinese-style houses.

Have you ever received a similar text message?

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7 thoughts on ““Remember to wear a comfortable bra”

  1. While my husband and I were vacationing in Santorini, Greece about 3 weeks ago, we saw a Chinese couple having their pics taken in wedding finery. That place is a fantastic background for such photos.


  2. We are taking our pictures in October, the day before the ceremony. Pictures take about 1-2 months to be ready but we couldnt do it in another way. Shanghai Photographers are 2 times, even 3 more expensive so we decided to wait till that day.
    I have the red dress and we discussed with the photographer about locations, most part of them require trips of 3 days and we dont have those days so after seeing many pictures, all of them called “European style”. that I have never seen in Europe, we all decided it will take place outdoors 🙂


    • They do have European-style pictures for the outdoors too. How about some Greek houses in the background? Or a Buggingham palace (and yes, they did spell it wrong just to make sure you don’t mix it up with the real one)?


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  4. “Sounds much better than the fake greek-style houses they use as backgrounds in China.”

    …and Taiwan.

    Last May, my husband and I completed our wedding photos. We did photo shoots at numerous locations, all within the same general vicinity on the outskirts of Taipei where we live.

    Among the coveted sites which were highly recommended by our “team” was this hotel near the beach with fake greek-style buildings. Cheesy, yes, but actually since the photographer was so talented, they came out looking much better than I imagined.

    From one waiguo ren to another,


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