Top 10 posts on China Elevator Stories

In celebration of the 50th blog post on China Elevator Stories, I’ll take a look at the top 10 posts so far:

10. “You can’t like her too much”
#10 features a conversation with a doctor who tells Y that he can’t “like me too much”. What does she mean by that? Click the link if you want to know.

9. “Do you have a boyfriend?”
This one is a conversation with a girl working at a massage place who asks about my relationship status and about my parents’ stance on having a Chinese boyfriend.

8. Falling in love over potato soup
Everyone loves a romantic story, this one is about me and Y only shortly before we get together.

7. “Remember to wear a comfortable bra”
This one on an advice my MIL gave me for taking pre-wedding pictures the next day.

6. A day like a week like a month like a year
Another post in the category “Love in China”, top post #6 is the story of Y’s proposal and my answer that took us both by surprise.

5. “I’d like to find my son a foreign wife”
A conversation with a doctor who is concerned that her son will not find a suitable wife and thus turns to us for help.

4. How I turned my husband’s life upside down
The top post in the category “Love in China” features a story on how Y and I met and how our whirlwind romance turned all his plans upside down.

3. “Your kids will be very beautiful … and tall.
Many people in Guangdong think that I’m tall, but Y is even taller, and taller than many Europeans too. So what about our future kids?

2. When saying good night means much more than just good night
I had no idea when I wrote this piece about a Chinese guy texting me good night every night for about two weeks that I’m not the only one who has received such messages and who has been wondering what that means. This post is the one that turns up most in google searches.

1. Pre-wedding photo shoot
Topping the list is not a written post, but a series of photos. We all love pictures, especially Chinese pre-wedding pics. Here are ours.

Which posts did you like the most so far? What kind of post would you like to read more on China Elevator Stories in the future? Let me know about your thoughts in the comments section.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 posts on China Elevator Stories

  1. personally I like ‘How I turned my husband’s life upside down’ the most 🙂 it’s so sweet and crazy at the same times and I’m not too into wedding photoshoots as well 🙂 good luck and keep on writing, I love this blog 🙂


  2. “Falling in love over potato soup” because I know how potato soup tastes 😀 and of corse: “Pre-wedding photo shoot”


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