31 Dec 2012

31 Dec 2012 is the second time that I celebrate New Year’s Eve in China. In the morning, Y and I arrive in Nanning. We walk down a crowded street to explore the city, when he suddenly proposes to me. In the afternoon, we take a bus to a small town near a village famous […]

A day like a week like a month like a year

It took us a week to fall in love with each other. Two weeks to get together. On the weekend of the third week we were sitting on the carpet in Ys apartment, holding hands and laughing without end, both unable to believe that it had been only a week since we got together. It […]

Falling in love over potato soup

One day in early December 2012 I invite Y and two friends to come to my place and eat homemade potato soup. It is the first weekend after I have started working in a Chinese advertising agency in Shenzhen and Y has accompanied me the whole day to buy things for making handicrafts. In the […]