Guest post: “My wife thinks I have a lover”

In today’s guest post I’d like to introduce you to Marta from Marta Lives in China. Originally from Spain, Marta has been living in China for almost 7 years. She is currently living in Suzhou together with her Chinese boyfriend and when she’s not busy working she likes to write articles for her blogs (except for the English blog mentioned above she also keeps a Spanish blog). Check out Marta’s recent posts on her English blog including topics such as singing Karaoke in China, going to the park and differences between China and Spain. Here’s the guest post:

One day in January 2014, we call the repair guy because the bathroom tap is leaking. He comes, sees the problem, tells us that we should buy a new tap and call him to install it, and leaves. 30 seconds later, there’s a knock on the door. My boyfriend opens – it’s the repair guy.

Repair guy: “I have some private issues I want to discuss with you, can I?”
Charley: “Errr (quite puzzled) … ok.”
RG: “My wife thinks I have a lover. A few days ago my wife phoned me and she heard a female voice while we were talking. She thought it was a girlfriend I had found here. From that day she is always fighting with me.”
Ch: “So that female voice she heard, was it your girlfriend or not?”
RG: “No! It was just a friend.”
Ch: “Then just explain it to your wife.”
RG: “She doesn’t listen to anything I say. She is convinced that I have another woman.”
Ch: “When women are angry they don’t listen at all, you should wait for a few days until she calms down and try to explain it to her then.”
RG: “I think so, too. I work here [in Suzhou] and she lives in our hometown. These past days have been a mess, fighting on the phone and worrying all the time.”
Ch: “If she doesn’t live here and can’t see you, she will imagine the worst. You should try to explain soon.”
RG: “I think so too.”
Ch: “Just go back home and try your best to explain it to her. It’s Chinese New Year! You can’t be mad at each other.”
RG: “You’re right. Thanks a lot!”

Have you ever experienced something similar? I’d love to read your comments.

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6 thoughts on “Guest post: “My wife thinks I have a lover”

  1. Thanks for sharing the story with your readers, Ruth!

    Regarding the repair guy, and in case anyone is interested, we think he solved the situation with his wife (as he came back to install the tap last week and didn’t seem to be mad at Charley for his potentially wrong advice).


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