A dragon’s fate

Everytime Y travels somewhere or takes on an important task, it rains heavily. And each and everytime this happens, he’ll say: “Do you believe it now? My mother came to believe it because it just always happens.” Came to believe what? Read on and I’ll tell you the answer.

When Y is still little, he repeatedly has one dream: “In my dream I see snakes. Lots of them.” He has this dream so often that he decides to go to a Chinese fortune teller (算命 suàn mìng). The fortune teller asks him: “Are the snakes small or big?” Y replies: “They are huge.” The fortune teller says: “These aren’t snakes. These are dragons. You have the destiny of a dragon. That’s why everytime you travel or take on an important task, it rains. Rain is connected with a dragon’s fate.”

Y is not usually someone to believe in such things, but this one is an exception. It sure does rain a lot whenever we travel somewhere (now I really don’t want to blame the floodings after our wedding on Y, but you never know). Whatever the reasons for the rain, we make sure to take an umbrella with us whenever we travel.

P.S.: My husband hasn’t been born in the year of the dragon, so what the fortune teller told him doesn’t seem to be directly connected to his Chinese zodiac.

Have you ever been to a fortune teller? What was it like? I’d love to read your stories.

13 thoughts on “A dragon’s fate

  1. But is he a dragon in the Chinese horoscope or is it totally unrelated?

    I have never been to a fortune teller on purpose, but in my home country there are some gypsy women who would randomly take your hand and start reading it so you give them some money. One of them told me I was going to get married to a blonde haired guy. Haha! She was so wrong! (Well I’m not married yet but it seems I won’t get married to a blonde guy :D).


  2. I’ve been to a fortune teller in Taiwan and the predictions were amazingly accurate. He accurately predicted so many things about me, including my marriage and my current work. I was so surprised b/c I always considered this stuff superstitious and just entertainment.


  3. I used to always get dragged to fortune tellers by a friend who was really into that stuff. These fortune tellers would always foretell a life of doom and gloom…..but, of course, they had magic potions and charms they could sell us that would put our life back on to the right track. Such nonsense!


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