“The most important thing is happiness”

This is part 5 of a conversation I had with a cab driver who took me to the airport in Shenzhen. The conversation was rather long, so I’ve split it into 6 parts. Click here if you’ve missed part 1 (“Is learning English hard for you?”), part 2 (“Do you know Deng Xiaoping?”), part 3 (Weddings and gifts) or part 4 (“Do you like China?”) and stay tuned for part 6 (“Does Austria also have birth planning?”).

He: “You know, it doesn’t really matter if you’re rich or poor, the most important thing is happiness. If a guy only loves his wife and no other woman, that’s happiness. You can be happy if you’re rich and you can be happy if you’re poor. Money does not rule over happiness. Of course, you need to earn enough money to pay the rent and have enough to eat, but once you have these things, having little or having a lot of money isn’t what’s important. I think that people are born to give to others. They are not born to be selfish and just care for themselves. One’s own happiness is also connected to your loved ones.”

With this little story, I’d like to wish you a great year of the horse – one filled with love and happiness.

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7 thoughts on ““The most important thing is happiness”

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