An inconspicuous fruit shop

I have recently started working out and with that I have started craving fruits. Every second day or so, I work out after getting off work and arrive at home really late in the evening. Exhausted from working out, you can often still find me in the kitchen late at night, preparing fresh fruit juice. Since that is a lot of work (I don’t have a professional juicer and don’t intend to buy one, seeing that our kitchen is already way too small for all our kitchen stuff), I was delighted to find out about a small shop selling fruits just down the street from our apartment.

When typhoon Usagi, the strongest typhoon in 2013 in that area, hit Shenzhen, my husband didn’t want to go outside and called the fruit shop to deliver fruits. They don’t only sell fruits, but even have a delivery service. They’ll peel the fruits and cut them into pieces for you for only 1 Yuan extra (about EUR 0.12 cents or USD 0.17).

But the best thing about the fruit shop is something I found out only yesterday: If you buy the fruits at the shop, they can make fresh fruit juice for you for just an extra 2 Yuan (less than EUR 0.25).

Meet me at the fruit shop, my new favourite hangout.

Have you ever been delighted about the service you can get in China? I’d love to read about your experiences.

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4 thoughts on “An inconspicuous fruit shop

  1. Personally, I love how easy it is to buy fruit in Taiwan and the abundance of options here as well. The vendors will usually peel and cut up some fruit for you for free here (for example, pineapples). And there are drink shops everywhere selling fresh fruit drinks but I prefer to buy the pure, freshly squeezed orange juice prepared right in front of me.

    And I never heard of a fruit shop that delivers!! That’s awesome!!


    • It is. We once ran into a guy working at the fruit shop in our elevator, he was delivering a dozen fresh coconuts to a neighbour. You can buy freshly cut pineapples here too – and also fresh fruit juice at many places, but what I like about the fruit shop is that you can select the fruits yourself and that they won’t add any sirup or ice cubes or other stuff. I love the taste of pineapples, mangos and strawberries here, they are really fresh and tasty and don’t need to be imported from a faraway place.


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