“Are you pregnant?”

One day in October 2013, I wait for my husband to get ready for getting off work near the entrance of the company. One of the female coworkers comes up to me. She touches my belly and asks:

“Are you pregnant?”
I: “No. I’ve been starting to work out and I’ve gained some pounds in the process.”

Later that evening, I skype with my mom. My mother asks:
“Is another grandchild on its way?”

Why is everyone asking if I’m pregnant? After I announce that there isn’t, I tell her how my coworker touched my belly, and we both agree that it’s normal to have a little belly at the end of the day.

Has anyone ever asked you a similar question? I’d love to read your comments.

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7 thoughts on ““Are you pregnant?”

  1. I can totally relay. Just beginning of last year I have been asked the same question on several occasions. After spending a long and cozy winter, with literally no working out and tons of delicious home-made Chinese food from my mother-in-law, I gained a few kilos. Every time we went out people would not just ask if I am pregnant, but straight forward congratulate me! I don’t have to say that I felt terrible. What can you say? No, I am not pregnant, I am just fat -.- And people would spread the rumor of my “pregnancy” through the whole village. It took till summer to show them that it really was just a rumor and I, in fact, was not pregnant. Summer clothes don’t hide anything, and I managed to lose weight as well. Thought, I am sure this question will pop up again and again. It’s not meant in a bad way. It’s their wishful thinking, I guess 🙂


  2. One time here in Taiwan I was taking the local subway (MRT) and I was standing up since no seats were available. After about 2 stops, a woman got up and offered her seat to me “are you pregnant? Here, you should sit down.” She said, motioning toward the seat. I gave her a quizzical look, as if to infer “what, lady? Are you serious? Hell no, I’m not!” She quickly rushed away with her head bowed down. I spent the rest of that morning feeling insecure about my body. I can relate!


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