A change of plans

Y and IToday, I’m sharing a photo with you that was taken at about the same time last year. On this day about a year ago, Y and I visited Dafen Oil Painting Village in Shenzhen (大芬油画村 dàfēn yóuhuàcūn). The village has many small shops which sell copies of famous paintings. I can imagine that my grandfather would have liked to visit this village and see how good the artists are at copying famous paintings – he was a copyist himself. We also found an old mansion that had an entrance fee of 20 Yuan per head. It was definitely worth going inside, there were no people around and it comes with a few beautiful halls and gardens.

Around the same time last year, we had a few days off for celebrating New Year. Originally, we had planned to take a bus to Hainan and spend a few days there. But when we arrived at the bus station, it was empty. We found out that there was a heavy storm on Hainan and that all the buses had been cancelled. Due to the storm, the weather on Hainan was also really cold. So we decided to go to Guangxi instead. We bought sleeper train tickets and left for Guangxi instead of Hainan. Here’s a story from last year about what happened after we arrived in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi province.

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