Top 10 posts on China Elevator Stories, post 51-100

In celebration of publishing the 100th blog post on China Elevator Stories today, I’ll take a look at the top 10 posts of posts 51-100:

10. “What are you doing to get pregnant?”
My co-workers share tips on how to get pregnant one day at dinner.

9. Guest Post: Be Careful What You Teach Your Kids
This guest post by Nicki Chen is about a funny incident with her kids on a plane.

8. Guest post: “I like men”
A stranger comes out to Laura in an elevator.

7. “How come you married so young?”
One girl working at a massage parlour thinks that marrying at 25 is young.

6. A family dinner and to raise or not to raise your glass
Part 1 of a story about dinner with family from my father-in-law’s side.

5. After the family dinner
Part 3 of the same story which is about what happens after the dinner.

4. The hardest part of learning Chinese
My thoughts on the most difficult part of learning Chinese.

3. A loss of face
Part 2 of the story about a family dinner.

2. Guest post: 5 common questions Chinese ask foreigners in China
A guest post by Sara Jaaksola about the 5 questions you’ll most probably be asked as a foreigner in China.

1. Go die, idiot
What I sometimes say to my husband, at least in the ears of a Chinese speaker.

Which posts did you like the most so far? What kind of posts would you like to read more on China Elevator Stories in the future? I’d love to get your input.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 posts on China Elevator Stories, post 51-100

  1. Wow, 100 posts already, congratulations. The “Go die, idiot” was surely great, I still have the experience that when i talk in German my wife mishears all kinds of weird things 🙂
    The guest post by Nicki Chen is also one of my favorites as it introduced her great blog


  2. Congratulations on achieving the 100th post milestone! You have a special approach to blog writing, using everyday conversations to get across your experiences living in China and many of those are interesting observations of the Chinese people, their culture and their way of life.


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