“Do people in Austria have their eyes made bigger?”

This is part 3 of a conversation I had with L, a 25-year old woman working at a massage parlour. Click here for part 1 (“How come you married so young?”) and here for part 2 (“Did you come here with your family?”).

L looks closely at my eyes, and asks:
“Do people in Austria have their eyes made bigger? Or do they like to use Botox and have plastic surgery? There are a lot of people in China who do that.”
I: “I’m not sure. I don’t think there are many people who have plastic surgeries in Austria. At least not of the people I know. Our eyes are big already, so we don’t usually need to make them bigger.”
She: “People in China often have eye surgeries. Some people want bigger eyes, others want to have a double eyelid instead of a single one. But Europeans usually have a double eyelid, so you wouldn’t need surgery.”

She then points at my nose and says:
“You have a really big nose. It’s pretty. Many people in China will have a surgery just in order to make their noses bigger.”
I: “When I was younger, I always thought that my nose was too big. I didn’t like it too much.”
She: “So you came to China because everyone likes your nose here?”

Have you ever had a similar conversation? I’d love to hear your stories.

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5 thoughts on ““Do people in Austria have their eyes made bigger?”

    • I’ve seen that picture before, it’s quite funny – is it a real family? I’ve heard people here say similar things, and how when you paint a portrait people with higher noses, cheeks, bigger eyes, etc. (the 3d features so to say) are much better to paint or to photograph (this was both coming from people who painted or photographed).


  1. So far I have been asked how many of my friends have plastic surgery in Europe and how good the clinics are. They were always surprised to hear that none of my friends in Europe have plastic surgery and that I have no idea about the clinics.
    On the other hand I know plenty of Chinese with surgeries, mostly for their eyes. Well, if they think thats a good investment…I would rather safe up the money for more important things in life


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