My mother-in-law and the crazy foreigners

Illustration by Ruth Silbermayr-Song

Illustration by Ruth Silbermayr-Song

A few weeks before our wedding my mother-in-law takes a train to Beijing to help us with some of the red tape. Since it is her first time in Beijing, she also decides to visit the great wall. All the while, my fiancé and me are at work in Shenzhen, waiting for her to tell us about the progress she is making.

On the evening of the day that she visits the great wall, she sends my fiancé a few pictures with her and the great wall. When my fiancé shows me the pictures, I start laughing. The pictures do not only show my mother in law and the great wall. On each and every single one of them there are different foreigners with freaky hairstyles right next to or behind her making grimaces and seemingly having the time of their life.

I ask my fiancé if she has asked them to take pictures with her. But to my surprise it was not my MIL who wanted to take pictures with the foreigners. It was the foreigners who jumped into her pictures, not letting her take a picture with just her and the great wall.

Has anyone ever asked to take pictures with you or taken pictures of you without asking?

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4 thoughts on “My mother-in-law and the crazy foreigners

  1. your mom is a superstar there 🙂 has your fiance been to Great Wall himself? my husband still haven’t been so I like to make fun of him and call him ‘not so real man’ 🙂 In shanghai I was asked to take pictures with a ladie’s son, first I thought she wants me to take picture of them, but she talks to my husband that she wants me, I laughed later that now he should be my bodyguard, not husband 🙂


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