The beautiful tomatoes of Siping

One day, my in-laws and I are waiting for my husband at the market in his hometown, Siping. I take a picture of a basket with string beans. When one of the women working at the market sees this, she points at a basket with tomatoes she sells and says:

“Take a picture of these. They are beautiful.”
I think to myself why not? and take a picture, bringing a proud smile to her face.

Another woman sitting right next to her suddenly starts pointing at the salads she sells and says: “Take a picture of these too, they are also really pretty.”
I take another picture.

And then, the woman sitting right next to that lady starts pointing at her vegetables, but before this turns into an infinite loop, my husband turns up and I tell the market ladies that I have to leave.

On the way back home I look at the pictures. The lady selling the tomatoes was right, the tomatoes do look great indeed.

Do you like taking pictures? What do you like taking pictures of? I’d love to read your comments.

5 thoughts on “The beautiful tomatoes of Siping

  1. maybe they thought they can make you buy them? 🙂 I love to take pictures but I suck at it 🙂 btw. I have some problems with your blog, I follow it, but it doesn’t show up on my reader :/ anyone of readers has similar problem?


    • I have the same problem with some other blogs actually, I also don’t know why this happens.

      They didn’t seem interested in me buying stuff, my in-laws go to this small market regularly and they already bought stuff on that day 😀


  2. I love pictures of markets – so many colors that just pop! I like taking pictures of animals, too, but they usually move to fast to make it a good picture.


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