“I have the heart of a boy”

This is part 3 of 4 of a conversation with a 17-year old girl working at the hairdresser’s doing massages. Click here if you’ve missed part 1 (“Do you have brothers and sisters?”) and here for part 2 (“How much do you earn?”). Stay tuned for part 4 (“Is your hair dyed or is this your real color?”).

After having talked about family and work, our conversation takes another turn:

I: “When did you move to Shenzhen?”
She: “I moved here just 2 months ago. I’m not familiar with this city yet. I went to Mangrove Forrest twice, but everytime I got lost and could not find the way to the next public transport station, so I had to take a cab back home. I’ll never ever go there again.”
I: “Have you finished secondary school just before you came here?”
She: “I haven’t. I went to school until I was 13. After that I started working. Going to school isn’t for me. I prefer to work.”
I: “You have started working at a really early age. In Austria you can only start working legally when you’re 15.”

She: “In China, noone really cares about your age.
Actually I dropped out of school. I was quite good at primary school, but in middle school I was a really naughty kid. My teachers all didn’t know what to do with me. Once, I wanted to go to the restrooms during class but my teacher wouldn’t let me. So I just kept being loud and disrupting class. In the end, my teacher let me go to the restrooms. I went there but didn’t go back to class afterwards, I was really mad at my teacher.
I liked to get into fights with other kids. And not just with kids. There was one teacher who treated me unfair, so me and some friends beat her up together. Before they could throw me out of school, I left on my own. I never went back to school afterwards.
My mother was very unhappy and often told me that I lack intelligence. But luckily, I’m not as stupid anymore now as I grow older. I have the heart of a boy and I met the wrong kids when I was younger.”

Has anyone ever told you a similar story? I’d love to read your comments.

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9 thoughts on ““I have the heart of a boy”

  1. didn’t really have a chance to meet girl like her before, really interesting story 🙂 I’m quite surprised she behaved like that, mothers around me are tiger mother who would rather beat the child than let him/her have bad grades, make them lose family’s face etc. 🙂


    • There are naughty school kids everywhere I guess, parents beating or yelling at kids does not necessarily keep those kids from doing such things, it might have the contrary effect of what they intended. Actually, she has turned out rather well, she’s a really cute young woman now and she is teaching other employees at the hairdresser’s to do massages, so she is also really good at doing her job. After all, she’s only 17 yet.


      • that’s why I admire her, I know girls in my age who after school just stay home, hang out with friends, don’t want to work, ask parents to do their stuff, but that young lady managed her life very well 🙂 I wish her very best 🙂 hope you have more stories connected to her 🙂


        • There’s still part 4 and another conversation where she is mentioned at the beginning. Unfortunately she can’t do massages anymore, because she got allergic. But she still teaches at that place. I agree, she is quite a charismatic young woman and I liked her a lot.


    • Good question, I guess they use some kind of oil or maybe she’s allergic to shampoo or the like (she has also washed people’s hair, done head massages and beauty treatments) and it might have ruined her hands. I’m really not sure why.


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