Garden city

Illustration by Ruth Silbermayr-Song

Illustration by Ruth Silbermayr-Song

Our team was working on an app recently where we needed to do some research on plants. There are quite a few plants in my company, and once every week a young woman working at a florist comes into our company to water the flowers. After talking to her and asking her some questions, we decide to visit her flower shop the next day.

My co-worker and I take a cab to the shop. I thought that we will simply arrive at a small flower shop, but when the cab gets closer to the area where the shop is located, it turns out that this otherwise already quite green city is turning even greener with the minute. The cab driver lets us get out at the entry to an area that you could probably call garden city. It’s very central, but instead of skyscrapers you’ll see tiny shops overflowing with beautiful flowers and plants.

The boss of the flower shop explains that their main customers are companies and owners of big villas. The job of people like the young woman is to take care of the plants they sell to their customers which is mainly watering the plants. I think that this makes for quite a nice and relaxed job.

When we are finished with asking our questions, the boss invites us to take us back to the entrance of this garden city by car, but we decide to walk to the entrance by foot once we see that her car is quite small and does already have a few other passengers, namely plants, sitting at the back of the car, waiting patiently to be brought to their new homes.

Have you ever been to a garden city? Is the city you live in green or rather a grey concrete desert?

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2 thoughts on “Garden city

  1. is it right next to the the central park or place around that? i read a news that says garden city starts to be filled with restaurants and some other stuffs. but it was originally for the flower shops only..


    • It’s near Xiangmihu, not sure if that’s close to Central Park. Garden City is just a name I randomly chose, so it might be a different area altogether. I’ve heard that there is another place like that in Shenzhen. There weren’t any restaurants there when we went to the place.


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