“It must be really dangerous working here”

Illustration by Ruth Silbermayr-Song

Illustration by Ruth Silbermayr-Song

One day after work, Y, another colleague and I go to have dinner at a nearby street side restaurant. The road leading there is surrounded by trees – mainly mango trees and durian trees. On our way to the restaurant, three guys cross our way, each one of them carrying a really huge durian fruit. While Y and our colleague walk on, I stop to take pictures in front of one of the restaurants lining the street. A durian tree right in front of the restaurant with a few dozen fruits has caught my attention. It’s mid-may, and the trees are already bearing huge fruits. In contrast to the mangos which are still green, the durians are already beginning to fall from the trees. The owner of the restaurant watches me take pictures and asks:

“Do they look good?”, referring to the durian trees.
I: “The fruits are just huge. We don’t have these kinds of trees at where I’m from.”
He: “They are.”
I: “It must be really dangerous working here.”
He: “It probably is. If a durian falls from the tree and hits your head you might die.”
I: “You should really take care of where you sit then.”
He: “You’re right.”

And on I walk, carefully watching the oh-so-dangerous durian trees.

Have you ever had a similar experience? I’d love to read your stories.

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4 thoughts on ““It must be really dangerous working here”

  1. Maybe those mangoes are like the apples that inspired other people to discover new fascinating things of our universe. Maybe you just met the next genious and you didn’t know!
    Anyway, I am glad I don’t work under a mangoes tree, I like them too much…


    • I love mangoes too! Especially the ones they have in Shenzhen, since they don’t need to be transported across half of the world and are really tasty.
      I’ve heard you can just pick them from the trees at this time of the year, unfortunately I’m not in Shenzhen at the moment.


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