20 thoughts on “Pre-wedding photo shoot

  1. i love the one you guys took it w the tractor lol.. where was it?? and you look so beautiful wearing the traditional chinese costume, especially the bottom two.. they are amazing!!


  2. Awesome pictures! In the US we do something similar before our last year of high school. My husband and I didn’t do this type of wedding photos as we got married in the States, but it’s always fun to look at other people’s Chinese wedding photos. What kind of photos do people usually do in Austria?


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  4. My favourite one is the 5th one, he is wearing black and you stand next to him, I like the whole combination, his unicolor clothes, your colourful ones right next to him, the smiles, and your hear looks like vintage also.
    They are all very very nice, but thats my favourite!!!!


    • I do like these traditional Chinese clothes. That was the main reason we wanted to take these pictures – those traditional Chinese settings. The red dress is made by hand, it would be really expensive to buy such a dress, so it was fun to borrow it just for the shooting.


      • I already have the red dress, handmade, I found in an article an example of the one I liked, went to a fabric market, and 2 weeks after it was done. The guy did it by hand and I do appreciate his work!
        For the wedding pics they offered me a white dress, we will see if I finally use it. To be honest since I was little my skin has always been very sensitive and there are some dresses that right in the moment I try them on I need to say no, my skin becomes very red because of the non soft inside of the dress.
        My 1st Communion dress (like a little white wedding dress) needed to have all the inside in silk…..
        Let’s see for the photo session!


        • The red one sounds great! Good luck with finding a white wedding dress that doesn’t give you rashes! Some photographers have a really wide range of dresses to choose from, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If you really can’t find one, you can always postpone the shooting and let them help you find one :-).


          • Thanks! I don’t worry much about that, I am happy with one dress for this wedding. We will have a Spanish wedding, maybe in 2014 and then I will have a white dress, I like basic dresses so is not an “investment”, in summer you can find plenty of white dresses for good price.
            In Spain we don’t show the white dress to the groom till the wedding moment, we say it gives bad luck, that’s why I don’t buy it now in advance 😉


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  6. I wish you the best. I’m an American who has been married to a Malaysian Chinese for 37 years. I’m not going to lie to you, it has been hard, especially after the kids were born. It took commitment and marriage counseling to stay married. I’m glad we didn’t give up.


    • Thanks! And thanks for sharing this little story with us. Relationships are never easy, no matter if they are cross-cultural or not, but of course there are some factors at play in interracial relationships that might not be at play in relationships between partners who have the same cultural background. I’m glad to hear that you fought to make your relationship work and didn’t give up easily.


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