My friend, the palm reader

One evening in July 2012 the rain drops are pounding heavily against the windows as we sit in the living room of a friend’s place in Kunming. We are happy for the rain, because in the last three years and counting Yunnan province has suffered a severe drought. We have just finished a home-cooked dinner and are chatting and making music.

A while into the conversation, Little Stone, a young lively woman my age, suggests that she would read our palms. Palm reading is a skill going back some generations in her family – Little Stone herself has learned it from her mother, which in turn has learned it from her mother and so on.

H is the first one in row. Little Stone predicts that he will have troubles staying calm when he is 28 and if he isn’t careful many clashes will await him, not only in his professional, but also in his private life.

The next one is X. Little Stone tells him that he’ll fall in love with one person but this person doesn’t reciprocrate his feelings (I have a feeling that what she’s saying is true and that the person she’s talking about is me. X has showed clear signs of being in love with me, but to me, he’s just a good friend). On the upside, there will be 8 women who will have feelings for him and he can choose any one of them. Also, he will not get divorced.

She reads 3 other people’s palms.

The last one in row is me. Little Stone looks carefully at the palm of my left hand. She then tells me that the relationship I was in up until the age of 24 would not work out. I would not get divorced, but I would have an extra-marital affair. Concerning work, there would be no major problems and I would be successful in this regard.

After she tells us these things, I jokingly say to X: “She said you won’t get divorced, but she didn’t say that you’d get married either”, to which Little Stone is fast to reply: “The ones who won’t get divorced will get married”, which leads me to think that maybe the ones where she didn’t mention marriage might get married but would have a divorce. It seems to be an unspoken rule that there are some things the palm reader does not mention in order to protect the respective person.

We ask her if she is able to read her own palms. She says she is but that her life will be quite normal compared to the outstanding lives that are awaiting us.

As I am lying in bed later this evening I wonder if what she says might eventually hold true.

Has anyone ever read your palms? I’d love to read your stories.

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4 thoughts on “My friend, the palm reader

  1. I actually got my palm ready in China a couple of times and all of the palm readers basically told me the same about my future. Usually I do not believe stuff like that, but I did that “experiment” around whole China, not only in one place and as already said, the palm readers always had the same results for me.


  2. Great story! Reminds me of when I had my fortune told in Taiwan — and surprisingly, it turned out to be very true. Well, most of it.

    But of course, this is fortune telling, not palm reading. And anyhow, it’s all to a certain extent entertainment. Everyone I knew in Taiwan sought out fortune tellers for pleasure and not because they took it entirely seriously.


    • It is. We once accompanied someone to a fortune teller in Hong Kong and I thought that the whole place just looked great with all the Chinese characters on the walls, old pictures of fortune tellers, etc. I could have stayed there forever just watching the whole setting and process of fortune telling. I also thought that palm reading was very entertaining, giving us quite a few topics to talk about.


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