Staying with your girlfriend or listening to your parents?

The other day I get a message on QQ from the property agent who helped me find my flat. I haven’t really been speaking to him lately except for the occasional answer to the questions “how are you” and “how’s work”. This time is different. After he asks me these common questions, he says:

“May I ask you a question?”
I: “Sure, go ahead.”
He: “Imagine you’re a guy who falls in love head over heels with a girl. She has had a tumor that has been removed in a surgery, but after dating her for one month you get to know that her cancer is not gone and is spreading and her doctor says she only has a very short time left to live. You really like this girl, but your parents and your whole family is against your relationship. They want you to leave her and go back to your hometown to go on a blind date. The girl tells you that you should go back and not worry about her. What would you do in this situation?”
I: “I would stay with the girl. She must be very lonely in this situation and needs a person who accompanies her.”
He: “That’s also what her mother says. Thanks for your advice.”
I: “You’re welcome.”

What advice would you give the property agent?

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