“You should wear make-up and dress up”

I’m at the hairdresser’s. When the hairdresser is almost done with cutting my hair, he says:

“Your hair looks really creative now, doesn’t it?”
I: “It does.”
He: “You know, your hair looks good on you, but you should wear make-up and dress up, like for example wear more beautiful clothes and high-heels.”
I: “I’m not going to wear high-heels.”
He: “Oh, you don’t like wearing high-heels?”

Has your hairdresser ever been as straight-forward with you as this one guy?

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4 thoughts on ““You should wear make-up and dress up”

  1. Not a hairdresser, but a coworker once asked me, “Why do you cut your hair so short? You look like a boy!” (To be fair, I’d recently gotten my hair cut in China and wasn’t able to articulate what I wanted very well, so I kind of did look like a boy!)

    Ah, Chinese bluntness! 🙂


    • I guess questions like this one don’t really ask for an answer. Even if you are able to articulate yourself well in Chinese, hairdressers don’t necessarily cut your hair as you asked them to. Not only once did they cut my hair very differently from how I asked them to cut it. And this was after talking to them for half an hour and explaining what I want (and showing them pictures). I guess sometimes they just want to brag with the haircut they gave their “international customer” ;-).


  2. Uh yes I have had this kind of situation before
    At the hairdresser:
    he: do you also want to make up?
    me: no thanks
    he: I think you should
    me: It is hot outside and humid my skin doesnt want make up
    he: look at our make up artist she wears very nice make up
    me: yes (thinking: oh hell no way) she looks beautiful but is not my style
    he: maybe you can wear pink eyeshadow
    me: pink is a beautiful color but indeed it does not fit with dark green eyes,
    he: then blue
    me: blue doesnt combine well with this eye color either, and anyway I dont really need it
    he: but you would be more beautiful
    me: oh well i know but then you could also use make up
    he: i am a man
    me: yes but you would be more “beautiful”
    he laughs, me just thinking about all those “femenine” stereortypes. Seems like we “can’t” be femenine if we dont wear high heels, pink or we have make up!


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