The last days of fall, the beginning of winter

It was in the last days of fall and at the beginning of winter. I had just started working in an advertising company in Shenzhen and was seated next to Y. From the first day, I loved working in that company. It was not only because of the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that often times I could do what I loved the most โ€“ make illustrations, but also because of Y. From the very first day, we were joking a lot and chatting the day away. He would send me messages on QQ and I would laugh out loud, not being able to control myself.

Y did not only make me laugh, there was a connection that went far beyond sharing the same sense of humor. On the first few days he offered to accompany me buy stuff for doing handicrafts at the weekend. He suggested we could open our own little online shop. He told me that in the last few months he hadn’t been very happy and that I was his sunshine. When I asked him about these things later, he said that at that time he was not thinking about dating at all, but that he just really enjoyed my company and simply spoke his mind.

A few days before Christmas he gave me a Christmas card. He had written it in English. At the end it said: “Lots of love, xxx, Y.” He told me that he did not know what xxx meant, but that his friend from England had told him that these lines would make me very happy. He wanted me to tell him what it means, but I wouldn’t. It took him a while to find out the meaning. I later asked him if he would still have written it if he knew what it means and he replied jokingly: “I would have filled the whole card with it”.

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