“Mum, she’s a foreigner.”

A young woman and her little three-year old daughter enter the elevator right after me. I press the button for the 18th floor, the little girl stands tiptoe to press the button for the 15th floor.

The girl asks her mother: “Mum, why is the button for the 18th floor pressed?”
Mother: “Auntie (referring to me) is living on the 18th floor.”
Girl: “Mum, she’s a foreigner. A foreigner.”
Mother: “No, she’s not.”
Girl: “But she is a foreigner! Look, she’s a foreigner!”
Mother (looking embarrassed): “Okay, maybe you’re right. Come on, let’s go.”

Have people ever talked about you thinking you wouldn’t understand their language?

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One thought on ““Mum, she’s a foreigner.”

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