“Are you Chinese?”

A woman in her 40s starts talking to me in the elevator.

Woman: “Your facial features are beautiful.”
I: “Thanks.”
W: “Are you Chinese?”
I: “No, I’m Austrian.”
W: “How come you speak Chinese fluently then?”

Has anyone ever mistaken you for being from a country different from your country of origin because of your language skills? I’d love to read your comments.

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7 thoughts on ““Are you Chinese?”

  1. well, more because of my lack of language skills. On my second day back after a year in the US I was outside, walking around when a kid in my neighborhood came up to me and asked me a bunch of questions. My brain hadn’t switched over from English to German so I answered in weird splattering ramblings of English, German and a lot of ähms … prompting him to ask me where I was from 🙂


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